What stage funding should companies be at?

CyberQuest will accept companies of all levels, but the focus is pre-series A.

How are the terms of the $150k investment determined?

Terms of your proposed raise and fundraising history are part of the competition. Judges or Gula Tech Adventures will not negotiate with you or ask you for better terms. However, a company with more attractive investment terms is more competitive. If selected for the final event, you should expect to get feedback on valuation expectations, questions about the use of funds and future fundraising plans.

Do we have to use the same pitch deck we submit for the in-person judging?

If you are selected to participate in the CyberQuest on April 21st, you may update your presentation up until midnight EST April 13th - one week before. At that point, the most recent presentation will be shared with the judges and configured for the April 21 morning and afternoon pitches.

Can a company be pre-revenue?

Yes - however, they must be working to develop a SaaS solution or software for sale.

Can a company be focused 100% on government solutions and customers?

Yes, however, they must still be focused on developing a SaaS solution or software for sale.

Does the start-up have to have a solution that is generally available?


Can a services company apply for investment?

If a services company (one that offers consulting, training, staffing, etc.) has developed unique IP for sale, and they have spun out this technology into a new company, the new company and the founders of it may absolutely apply to CyberQuest. Companies where the primary revenue is mostly services with some product should not apply.

Will you sign an NDA with our company to keep our secrets safe?

No. The intent of the competition is to share your pitch deck and term sheet with our portfolio founders and judges so they can choose a winning start-up. You should not put any details of any trade secret, customer names, etc., that you do not want shared with the judges or portfolio founders. You should also expect, if selected, to present your pitch to a room full of cyber investors, experts and entrepreneurs.

My company is in the process of relocating its headquarters to the USA region - can we still apply?

If you have signed a lease and have a move in date, please feel free to apply if you are not officially in the region yet.

Do the judges have any affiliation with the competing companies?

Neither our portfolio judges nor our CyberQuest event judges will be affiliated with or involved with the presenting companies. The decisions of the portfolio founders and the CyberQuest judges are final and will not be subject to any appeals.

Will you be filming the event, photographing it or using submitted material in any marketing materials?

Companies that submit pitch decks and proposed term sheets agree that Gula Tech Adventures may use their company name and logo in marketing related to the competition. The final five companies will be revealed at the CyberQuest event to the attendees and written about on the Gula Tech Adventures website and blog. If you are selected to pitch, you consent for Gula Tech Adventures to film and photograph you on stage, use your likeness as well as public company images (including logo, theme, branding, etc.) through social media channels, and other means of communication with the general public.

Is CyberQuest open to the public?

This is an invite-only event. If you are interested in attending, please send a request to participate with your background to [email protected]

Do you have other questions?

Please email them to [email protected].