Second Front Systems Raises $6 Million to Provide Immediate Impact to National Security


Gula Tech Adventures participated in the Second Front raise of $6m, led by ARTIS Ventures. Additional investors include Kleiner Perkins, 8VC and Abstract Ventures.

From the press release:

The venture funding will be used to expand the capabilities of Second Front’s software platform, Atlas Fulcrum, which has recently received a major contract award from the General Services Administration (GSA) and the Air Force’s AFWERX. The U.S. military recognizes that commercially driven tech, such as autonomy, cyber, biotech, and AI, has surpassed the defense base in relevance to national security in the 21st century. Acting as a “digital prime,” the Atlas Fulcrum platform empowers the U.S. government to regain control from the traditional defense industry in scouting, vetting, and securely fielding cutting-edge technology at scale.