The RackTop Systems "It’s Your Data" Video Campaign


A few weeks ago,
RackTop Systems launched the "It's Your Data" video campaign. This campaign is really well done because it takes a lot of nebulous and complex cyber security issues and makes them personal. The video features a character named "Data" in a variety of scenarios. These videos speak about cloud risk, finding your data exposed on the dark web and waking up and finding out that your data has been maliciously encrypted.

For cyber start-ups, this is also a good example of a campaign that is focused on brand awareness and not a specific use case or product pitch. RackTop sells multi-petabyte solutions that enables organizations to protect data. They call it "cyber convergence". In practice, their solution combines traditional network attached storage with cryptographic key management, access control, reporting and user behavioral monitoring. You won't see any of that mentioned directly in these videos, even though the Racktop Solution has been used to solve a variety of tricky motion picture industry, intelligence community and finance industry issues.

There are a few lessons for cyber start-ups working on video brand campaigns:

1 -
Keep the message simple and consistent. Racktop has a similar format and same character in each video.

2 -
Keep the message relevant to your business. Racktop kept the messages focused on data-security hot buttons including cloud sprawl and ransomware.

3 -
Have the video be broad enough it reaches well beyond your immediate market. These videos aren't "salesy" - they are funny and are useful in many settings.

4 -
Use a professional video producer, but don't call Pixar. Racktop was able to produce very highly quality videos by working with professionals. They could have easily done these "in house" and saved some money, but the quality - (editing, writing, lightning, sounds, .etc) of these videos makes them that much more enjoyable.

Speaking of being enjoyable, if you have not seen them, below are links to the videos!