MIXERGY Interview - Why a failed fighter pilot made a better founder (and took a company public)


Mixergy recently interviewed me about being an entrepreneur, starting and running companies like Tenable Network Security and about cyber security. Mixergy has a huge following of entrepreneurs from all walks of life and it was great to share some stories about Tenable co-founders Jack Huffard and Renaud Deraison, as well as speak about working with my wife Cyndi Gula at Network Security Wizards, Tenable and now at Gula Tech Adventures.
In the interview, we talk about what I learned at flight school and while working at the NSA. I don't really think of myself as a failed fighter pilot or an NSA hacker, but I am very passionate about cyber and helping others maximize their potential. You should listen to the podcast if you are thinking about starting a company or working on growing the one you are at now.