ITProTV - The Technado - Episode 88


I was recently interviewed for a segment on Episode 88 of IT Pro's Technado by Don Pezet and Peter VanRysdam. They had interviewed me in 2016 while I was CEO at Tenable Network Security. During the interview, we got to speak about the Tenable IPO and the work we are doing at Gula Tech Adventures investing in cyber start-ups.

During the interview, I got to speak about a variety of our portfolio companies including Scythe's ability to help red teams act like long term threat actors, Racktop's approach to storing data securely, Protego's ability to help secure serverless applications as well as Gravwell and GreyNoise. I also got to comment a bit on the use of AI in cyber, making cyber investments and why anyone and everyone should try and get involved supporting cyber in politics.