Announcing the Gula Tech Foundation


Cyndi and I are thrilled to announce the creation and launch of the Gula Tech Foundation. The Foundation will run cybersecurity themed competitive grant processes several times a year. Each competitive grant process will donate $1,000,000 across multiple cybersecurity nonprofits.

Our first competitive grant program starts January 4th, 2021 and focuses on increasing African American engagement in cybersecurity. We will be granting awards of $500,000, $300,000 and $200,000 to the top three nonprofits that will have the most impact on increasing African American engagement in cybersecurity. The January 2021 grant request form will be open from January 4th through January 28th. Voting by our Grant Advisory Board occurs in February and we will announce winners at a virtual event open to the cybersecurity community in early March. For more details, please visit the Gula Tech Foundation page.

Cyndi and I would like to give special thanks to our
Grant Advisory Board, who will help select the winners of our grant programs and pick future topics of grant themes that need attention in cybersecurity.

We'd also like to thank everyone past and present involved with
Tenable Network Security and specifically our co-founders Jack Huffard and Renaud Deraison.