Gula Tech Cyber Fiction Show

GTCF #16: Kelvin Beachum Jr. - NFL Athlete, Tech Investor & Philanthropist


In episode 16, Ron interviews NFL football player & tech investor Kelvin Beachum. Kelvin has played football for several teams and recently joined the Arizona Cardinals. He has also become an avid tech investor in drones, clean energy, robotics and cybersecurity. Ron and Kelvin speak about tech investing, increasing tech diversity, Data Care and how science fiction shapes technology. Kelvin can be followed on Twitter @KelvinBeachumJr

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GTCF #15: Dave Weinstein, Former New Jersey CTO


Episode 15's guest is former New Jersey CTO, Dave Weinstein. Ron and Dave speak about the early days of Cyber Command, being CISO and CTO for the state of New Jersey, running Claroty's threat intelligence team and consulting in the operational technology space as a McKinsey Associate Partner.  Read More…

GTCF #14: Dr. Eric Cole - Preventing a Cyber Crisis in your Business


Dr. Eric Cole is our guest for episode 14 of Gula Tech Cyber Fiction. Eric and Ron speak about why we need certifications for Chief Information Security Officers, marketing terms like "zero trust" and "artificial intelligence", cybersecurity risk frameworks, Data Care and a good bit of hacker science fiction. Dr. Cole started his career doing cybersecurity at the CIA, has a PHD in computer science, has authored 8 computer security books including Cyber Crisis which will be available soon and runs Secure Anchor consulting which provides cybersecurity expert witness services and security consulting. Read More…

GTCF #13: Bryan Ware - Tech Entrepreneur and DHS Cyber Executive


Ron interviews Bryan Ware who started out his career as a commercial tech entrepreneur, served as a senior DHS cybersecurity executive and now runs Next5 - a technology-focused business intelligence and strategic advisory firm. We discuss all sorts of cybersecurity technologies, the latest in United States cyber policy, toast Chris Krebs and share some bourbon.
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GTCF #12: Trevor Pryce - Creator, Animator & NFL Football Player


In episode 12, Trevor Pryce is interviewed by Ron and Cyndi Gula about his latest efforts to bring animation and movie making to Baltimore. We discuss his NFL career, how he got into animation and film making, the fantasy animation Netflix series Kulipari, his current movie, series and video game productions at Outlook and how we can get more young adults into high tech jobs. Plus we name drop Mark Hamill, Ben Roethlisberger, Keith David, JJ Abrams and many other sci-fi and sports icons. Read More…

GTCF #11:- NPower - Creating Pathways to Prosperity in Tech Careers


Ron and Cyndi Gula interview Robert Vaughn and Kendra Parlock of NPower. NPower won a $300k competitive grant from the Gula Tech Foundation and has a mission to move people from poverty to the middle class through tech skills training and quality job placement. We discuss the NPower program, how IT and cybersecurity is taught to the trainees and how our listeners can get involved as guest speakers, mentors, hosting interns and hiring graduates. Kendra is the NPower Executive Director of Maryland and Robert is the Head of the National Instructors Institute at NPower and a former CISO.

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GTCF #10: Trinity Cyber - Steve Ryan & Tom Bossert - Intrusion Prevention On Steroids


Steve Ryan and Tom Bossert discuss Trinity Cyber's advanced and proven ability to prevent cyber attacks with Ron Gula. We discuss how Trinity Cyber is taking a fundamentally new approach to rapidly remove exploits in documents and interdict botnet command and control for large and small organizations. We also discuss cybersecurity policy since Tom was the former Homeland Security Advisor to President Trump and Steve was the National Security Agency's Threat Operations Center Deputy Director.

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Episode 9 - Tony Sager - Growing Up In (and with) Cybersecurity


Tony Sager has helped make the internet safer for you and me and he did this while humbly working for the National Security Agency. Tony and Ron discuss his career as a cryptologist, NSA's early work securing computers in the 90s, the "Systems and Network Attack Center" and what it takes to get vendors like Microsoft, the Air Force and security researchers to agree on what makes a computer secure. Tony continues this work today as the Chief Evangelist for the Center for Internet Security. Our title today comes from the byline on Tony's blog - "Sage(r) Cyber" - where he publishes articles about cybersecurity and updated blogs he wrote during his nearly 35 year NSA career. 

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Episode #8 - Talking Cybersecurity with the Cast of MacGyver


Ron and Cyndi interview the cast and director of CBS's MacGyver about cybersecurity in entertainment and real life. Lucas Till plays MacGyver, Triston Mays plays a hacker named Riley Davis and David Straiton is the director. We discuss why cybersecurity is difficult to communicate to the general public and why it does not seem exciting. We also talk about how the entertainment industry uses tech and was impacted by the Sony hack of 2014. And lastly, we draw on the team's experiences with Star Trek, X-Men, and science fiction in general and talk about future technologies. Read More…

Episode #7 - Jeff Man - Cybersecurity Evangelism

Jeff Man is a cryptologist, network penetration tester, PCI Assessor, and an evangelist for the cybersecurity industry. I met Jeff when I started working at the NSA in the mid 90s. Jeff and I speak about the current state of the cybersecurity conference industry, attracting more people to this career field and different types of cybersecurity audits and risk modeling. We also drink some good bourbon.  Read More…

Episode #6 - Kiersten Todt - Protecting the Nation and Small Business in Cyberspace


Kiersten Todt shares a variety of insights about her cybersecurity work at both Congress and the White House and gives some perspectives on the major cyber issues facing the country today.  She is also passionate about protecting small business and discusses her work as the Managing Director for the Cyber Readiness Institute.

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Episode #5 - Sid Meier - Tips For Software Entrepreneurs


Ron Gula and show guest Deb Tillett, interview video game design legend Sid Meier. We asked Sid about his history starting Microprose, business decisions made along the way and why there aren't any really good cybersecurity themed computer games.  Read More…

Episode #4 - Charles Bolden - Space, Cybersecurity and Tech


In Gula Tech Cyber Fiction episode four, I spent an exciting hour speaking with former Marine pilot, shuttle astronaut and head of NASA - retried Major General (USMC) Charles Bolden. We spoke about a variety of issues including:

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Episode #3 - C Chris Crowley - 2020 Security Operations Center Survey Results


Ron Gula interviews Chris Crowley about the results of the 2020 Security Operations Survey. In this hour long interview, we discuss how there are two types of SOCs and how this affects budget, staffing, technology effectiveness and overall cybersecurity.


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Episode #2 - Ben Adida - Election Security


In our second episode, Ron interviews Ben Adida, founder of, about their role in helping secure the 2020 US election and all of the different types of controls in place to prevent voting fraud.

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Episode #1 - Cyndi Gula - Gula Tech Foundation and Data Care

In our first ever "Gula Tech Cyber Fiction" show, Ron Gula interviews Cyndi Gula about her cybersecurity entrepreneur background, Data Care and the Gula Tech Foundation - including tips for the upcoming January 4th, 2021 grant applicants.

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