Gula Interviews

Extreme Uncertainty #20 - Cyndi Gula - Co-Founder for Life Part II


Mike Leffer and Mike Ravenscroft interview Cyndi Gula on Episode 20 of the Extreme Uncertainty podcast. Cyndi discusses Data Care, her journey as an entrepreneur in cybersecurity and gives advice for those "silentpreneurs” who work behind the scenes and her take on what needs to change to make cybersecurity a more inclusive environment for women and people of color.

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Extreme Uncertainty #17 - Ron Gula - Co-Founder for Life


Mike Ravenscroft and Mike Leffer interviewed me for episode #17 of the Extreme Uncertainty show. They both come from a cybersecurity incubator, start-up, early investor background and had great questions. We covered lots of topics that will be of interest to anyone running or thinking about running a cybersecurity company. Read More…

Ready, Set, Secure Podcast


On the "Ready, Set, Secure" podcast, I was able to share some history about Tenable, the Dragon intrusion detection system and doing "Gula Tech" investing and nonprofit cybersecurity work with Michael Farnum and Nick DiPasquale of Set Solutions Inc.

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BarCode Episode 9: DRAGON WIZARD with RON GULA


I enjoyed being a guest on episode 9 of Chris Glanden's BarCode podcast. The show discusses cybersecurity in a speakeasy atmosphere. We got to talk a good bit about my experiences with Tenable Network Security and Network Security Wizards, doing cyber investing and the Gula Tech Foundation. We also talked about some of the very cool bars and distilleries here in Maryland.
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Hacking Matters Holiday Panel


Cyndi and I were very happy to participate in a holiday themed
Hacking Matters Panel. We also had the chance to present a joint talk on Data Care during the inaugural Security Weekly Unlocked.

Congratulations to the team at Security Weekly for a great 15 years! You have truly helped educate and inspire a generation of cybersecurity professionals!

Northrop Grumman Cyber Report: Getting Serious about Cyber Education


Vago Muradian, host of the Defense & Aerospace Report, interviewed Ron Gula and Philip Niedermair about K-12 cyber education. Ron and Philip discussed the education work of the cyberspace solarium, Data Care and how we can inspire more kids to join the cybersecurity workforce. The podcast is available on Soundcloud. Read More…

Data Care: The Monolith Formerly Known As Cybersecurity


Cyndi Gula joined Cybrary Podcast #42 to discuss Data Care with Jonathan Meyers and Thomas Horlacher. During the hour discussion, Cyndi discussed how the term "cyber" is vague, not personal and not inviting to those outside our industry. Broadening our industry name with the term "Data Care" makes it easier to convey personal digital responsibility for the general public and also easier to recruit more people to a career in cybersecurity.

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Ron Gula: Closing the Gap to Defend the Country


Ron Gula was a guest on RunSafe Security's "The School of Cyber Hard Knocks" podcast. It was hosted by RunSafe Security CEO Joe Saunders. In the episode, we explored the increasing impact individuals, companies, and non-profits can have in securing the country and the importance of educating ourselves on the risks digital services have in our lives. The podcast can be heard on Spotify.

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The Future of Quantum Cryptography


On the most recent episode of Attlia Security's The Secure Communications podcast, I got to answer some questions and speak about Quantum Cryptography as a cyber investor. Kathleen Booth and I spoke about a variety of issues and misconceptions about the threat of quantum computers, bulk collection of data in transit and why this hasn't been a huge area of investment by VCs.

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How COVID-19 Is Impacting Cyber Security Startups


I was recently interviewed by
Katelyn Ilkani for episode 9 of the Security Economy podcast. I had the chance to discuss the state of cyber security startups in light of COVID-19 and share the Gula Tech Adventures investment philosophy and key points early stage companies should consider.  The podcast link includes links to Spotify, Apple and many audio formats as well as a full text copy if you prefer to read.

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Privacy Please Episode 23 - Cyber Investing and Trends

I was happy to participate in Episode 23 of Spiron's Privacy Please podcast. The show is hosted by Cameron Ivey and Gabe Gumbs. We spoke about my time in the Air Force, starting Tenable and now doing investment and volunteering.

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December 2019 Podcasts


December was a busy month for podcasts! I was honored to speak a few times about cyber start ups as well as being a trifecta guest on the year-end Security Weekly extravaganza.
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CyberWire Episode 864


Ron Gula was interviewed for The CyberWire Daily Podcast episode
684 by Dave Bittner. We spoke a lot about the types of pitfalls cyber entrepreneurs fall into. Read More…

Fifth Domain Interview - Tips for cybersecurity vets starting a company


I shared a variety of tips with Fifth Domain for veterans starting cyber security companies.

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Yahoo Finance - Final Round Interview

Screen Shot 2019-06-04 at 2.06.56 PM

I was featured on a cyber security segment of the June 3rd, 2019 episode of Yahoo! Finance's "The Final Round". I enjoyed offering some commentary on how the Huawei ban is good US policy, why we are plagued with vulnerabilities and making cyber investments. The show segment was loaded to youtube.

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Inner Circle Podcast Episode 027


I recently did episode 27 of the Inner Circle podcast with Tony Bradley. Tony used to work at Tenable and we've been friends for a while. We spoke about a variety of cyber issues including the importance of getting outside of the 'cyber security bubble' to reach more people. Read More…

Digital Anarchist - RSA 2019 Interview 

Screen Shot 2019-03-19 at 10.44.39 AM

While at RSA, I had the chance to do an interview with Alan Shimel for the show Digital Anarchist. Alan and I have known each other for a long time and we spoke a lot about the security solutions in our Gula Tech Adventures portfolio including Contrast, StackRox, Protego, NanoVMs, AutoMox and Huntress Labs Read More…

ITProTV - The Technado - Episode 88


I was recently interviewed for a segment on Episode 88 of IT Pro's Technado by Don Pezet and Peter VanRysdam. They had interviewed me in 2016 while I was CEO at Tenable Network Security. During the interview, we got to speak about the Tenable IPO and the work we are doing at Gula Tech Adventures investing in cyber start-ups.

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MIXERGY Interview - Why a failed fighter pilot made a better founder (and took a company public)


Mixergy recently interviewed me about being an entrepreneur, starting and running companies like Tenable Network Security and about cyber security. Mixergy has a huge following of entrepreneurs from all walks of life and it was great to share some stories about Tenable co-founders Jack Huffard and Renaud Deraison, as well as speak about working with my wife Cyndi Gula at Network Security Wizards, Tenable and now at Gula Tech Adventures. Read More…

CyberScoop Radio Interview - Securiosity: A double dose

I had fun being interviewed by greg Otto and Jen O'Daniel. We spoke of the Bloomberg hardware backdoor story, APTs in general, Cyber Command and cyber entrepreneurship.

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Infosec Institute interview on cyber startups and attracting minorities to cyber

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Sienko of the Infosec Institute about a variety of cyber issues including startup advice and how to attract more people to cyber from all backgrounds.
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Cyber Security Interviews — Episode #57


I was interviewed by Douglas Brush for episode #57 of the Cyber Security Interviews podcast.

We discussed starting out in security in the 1990’s at the NSA, starting Tenable and its growth to IPO, different start-up spaces, where I like to get involved in start-ups, advice I give to founders, what I like to look for to invest in, and lastly, where I see the cyber security market going.
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Secure Digital Life — Episode #74


I was a guest on episode #74 of Secure Digital Life and interviewed by Doug White. We covered Tenable’s Cyber Exposure, starting companies, hacking elections and the future of cyber attacks and security.
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GDPR Basics for Business: Q&A with Ron Gula

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 2.51.38 PM

I got the chance to sit down with Racktop System's CEO Eric Bednash and talk about GDPR and how Racktop can help. Read More…

Hidden Benefits of the NIST Cyber Security Framework

Screen Shot 2019-04-08 at 2.56.24 PM

Eric Bednash of RackTop Systems and Ron Gula spoke about the NIST Cyber Security Framework, how it can help answer the question, 'Am I Secure?' and how Racktop Systems can help the protection of data as well as recovering from cyber attacks. Read More…

Silver Bullet Show #144 — Government Versus Commercial Security Solutions


Photos — Gary McGraw (left), Ron Gula (Right)

I enjoyed participating in Dr. Gary McGraw’s Silver Bullet podcast show #144. Gary has done an excellent job getting really good guests like Bruce Potter, NY Times cyber journalist Nicole PerlrothPeiter Zatko (a.k.a “mudge) and Jack Daniel on the show and doing good interviews. Gary knows what he is asking about. He has dual Phds, has written more than 100 peer reviewed publications and is the author of eight information security books. He’s also the VP of Security Technologies at Synopsis. I consider Gary the expert in secure coding and secure software design.

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I enjoyed participating and sharing lots of thoughts about the cyber industry on episode 17 of the Digital Guardian podcast. Hosts Will G. and Chris Brook had a lot of great questions which allowed us to cover CISO advice, Spectre/Meltdown, where cyber is going, growing and maintaining your cyber team and many other topics.
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StartUp Grind Columbia - Ron & Cyndi Fireside Chat

Screen Shot 2019-03-27 at 2.24.16 PM

Ron and Cyndi had the opportunity to be interviewed - fireside chat style -  by StartUp Grind Columbia MD Chapter Director Chris Haug. We got to share a wide variety of advice with an audience of tech founders about growing companies, raising capital, working with family members, enabling teams and employees and planning for success as well as dealing with failure.  Read More…