So You Want to Start a Cybersecurity Company?


I'd like to thank the Cybersecurity 2021 conference, Security Boulevard and for giving me a chance to speak about starting cybersecurity companies. The talk is about 30 minutes, discusses the cybersecurity industry, five questions you should ask yourself when starting and pitching, and some mistakes and distractions I've seen founders make doing pitches and communicating about their companies. Read More…

Five Slide Pitch Deck Video


I'd like to thank the team at Cybrary for making a short video dedicated to the "five slide pitch deck" concept. This video was part of a larger Cybrary podcast interview with me on cyber start-ups.

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The “Five Slide” Cyber Investor Pitch Deck for Start Ups


Are you an angel investor in cyber security companies? Are you currently fund raising for your new cyber security company? Do you work in venture capital and invest in cyber? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you are either producing slide decks which are or you are spending time looking at slide decks which are . In this blog post, I offer some tips to dramatically cut down the amount of slides in your cyber pitch decks so you can focus on your message.
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