Cybersecurity - What’s It All About?


As part of the Cyber Center for Education & Innovation program for K-12 teachers and students, Cyndi Gula presented a session on what working in cybersecurity is like, what it's all about and how we can recruit more people into our industry. She discussed how "data care" is a useful term for thinking about cybersecurity like health care. She also let people visualize working in cybersecurity as belonging to one of four groups - attackers, creators, operators and educators. This is a good video for new teachers or educators getting into cybersecurity and requires a free account to watch.

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Northrop Grumman Cyber Report: Getting Serious about Cyber Education


Vago Muradian, host of the Defense & Aerospace Report, interviewed Ron Gula and Philip Niedermair about K-12 cyber education. Ron and Philip discussed the education work of the cyberspace solarium, Data Care and how we can inspire more kids to join the cybersecurity workforce. The podcast is available on Soundcloud. Read More…

Business Risks 2020 Keynote


I had the opportunity to
keynote the Business Risks 2020 conference and spoke about how cybersecurity has been impacted by the COVID crisis and what we can expect in 2021. I also got to take some live questions from the audience.

The video of the keynote is available on
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Purple Team Summit Venture Capital Panel


During the 2020 Purple Team Summit, I had the opportunity to moderate a panel on how purple team technology and practices influences cybersecurity venture capital investments with a panel of experts. I'd like to thank Sid Trivedi, Greg Dracon, & Chris Steed for sharing their insights on purple team venture capital trends. Anyone interested in how cybersecurity startups raise capital should consider watching this entertaining and educational one hour video.
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Data Care: The Monolith Formerly Known As Cybersecurity


Cyndi Gula joined Cybrary Podcast #42 to discuss Data Care with Jonathan Meyers and Thomas Horlacher. During the hour discussion, Cyndi discussed how the term "cyber" is vague, not personal and not inviting to those outside our industry. Broadening our industry name with the term "Data Care" makes it easier to convey personal digital responsibility for the general public and also easier to recruit more people to a career in cybersecurity.

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