Episode #2 - Ben Adida - Election Security


In our second episode, Ron interviews Ben Adida, founder of voting.works, about their role in helping secure the 2020 US election and all of the different types of controls in place to prevent voting fraud.

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Goldman Sachs White Ops Investment Infusion


Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking, ClearSky and NightDragon acquired White Ops. The new investment will be used to help expansion to areas such as application security and streaming music. Congratulations to the entire team at White Ops. You've been helping rid the world of bots for many years and will be key to keeping the Internet safe and secure for the time to come.

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Episode #1 - Cyndi Gula - Gula Tech Foundation and Data Care

In our first ever "Gula Tech Cyber Fiction" show, Ron Gula interviews Cyndi Gula about her cybersecurity entrepreneur background, Data Care and the Gula Tech Foundation - including tips for the upcoming January 4th, 2021 grant applicants.

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Hacking Matters Holiday Panel


Cyndi and I were very happy to participate in a holiday themed
Hacking Matters Panel. We also had the chance to present a joint talk on Data Care during the inaugural Security Weekly Unlocked.

Congratulations to the team at Security Weekly for a great 15 years! You have truly helped educate and inspire a generation of cybersecurity professionals!

Chandler Givens - Timing the Market


Chandler Givens was interviewed on the Extreme Uncertainty podcast about timing your exit. Cyndi and I were very happy to work with Chandler and his cofounder Ryan Flach on their TrackOFF journey and were drawn to their commitment to privacy, what they achieved technically and their ability to gain national media coverage. TrackOff exited to Avast in 2019.

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Announcing the Gula Tech Foundation


Cyndi and I are thrilled to announce the creation and launch of the Gula Tech Foundation. The Foundation will run cybersecurity themed competitive grant processes several times a year. Each competitive grant process will donate $1,000,000 across multiple cybersecurity nonprofits.

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