Using AI to Grow Your Next Agile Development Team

Catalyte uses AI and data science to build technology workforces for the world’s most progressive companies. During the last few years, I've gotten to know Catalyte CEO Jacob Hsu and Gula Tech Adventures participated in Catalyte's last round of fund raising. Catalyte's ability to grow agile software teams here in the US in places like Baltimore City resonated with me. In this interview, I ask Jacob a wide variety of questions about how modern software companies should think about leveraging Catalyte to grow more developers from within their organizations and in their backyards.

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Polarity raises $8.1M for its AI software that constantly analyzes employee screens and highlights key info


Congratulations to Polarity on the close of their $8m raise led by Tech Operators. Gula Tech Adventures participated in this round and Ron Gula joined the Polarity board.

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Netscout Aquires Eastwind Networks


NetScout acquired Eastwind Networks to integrate their security analytics and forensics of cloud telemetry (O365, Salesforce, .etc) and on-premise network traffic. Congratulations to the Eastwind Networks team and CEO Paul Kraus. Read More…