Cyber Leaders Call on Philanthropy to Help


Cyndi and I have signed an open letter to the philanthropic community to increase awareness of cybersecurity nonprofits. The letter is hosted at and includes signatories such as Craig Newmark, Kiersten Todt, Dmitri Alperovitch and Tony Sager.

Although our industry is making great strides in cybersecurity public awareness, we still have a long way to go and we encourage the philanthropic community to consider cybersecurity nonprofits as an area of focus, support and financial donation.
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GTCF #16: Kelvin Beachum Jr. - NFL Athlete, Tech Investor & Philanthropist


In episode 16, Ron interviews NFL football player & tech investor Kelvin Beachum. Kelvin has played football for several teams and recently joined the Arizona Cardinals. He has also become an avid tech investor in drones, clean energy, robotics and cybersecurity. Ron and Kelvin speak about tech investing, increasing tech diversity, Data Care and how science fiction shapes technology. Kelvin can be followed on Twitter @KelvinBeachumJr

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GTCF #15: Dave Weinstein, Former New Jersey CTO


Episode 15's guest is former New Jersey CTO, Dave Weinstein. Ron and Dave speak about the early days of Cyber Command, being CISO and CTO for the state of New Jersey, running Claroty's threat intelligence team and consulting in the operational technology space as a McKinsey Associate Partner.  Read More…

The Great Shave


Ron & Cyndi Gula hosted a variety of special guests as we watched and interviewed “CYBERGANDALF” as he transformed back into the clean shaven Bryson Bort we all know and love! Bryson became several cybersecurity personas including CYBERGANDOLF, a cyber pirate, a cyber kung fu master, a cyber corporate millionaire and of course - clean shaven Bryson!

The event raised more than $10,000 to the
Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu. If you would like to donate to Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu, please visit this link.

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GTCF #14: Dr. Eric Cole - Preventing a Cyber Crisis in your Business


Dr. Eric Cole is our guest for episode 14 of Gula Tech Cyber Fiction. Eric and Ron speak about why we need certifications for Chief Information Security Officers, marketing terms like "zero trust" and "artificial intelligence", cybersecurity risk frameworks, Data Care and a good bit of hacker science fiction. Dr. Cole started his career doing cybersecurity at the CIA, has a PHD in computer science, has authored 8 computer security books including Cyber Crisis which will be available soon and runs Secure Anchor consulting which provides cybersecurity expert witness services and security consulting. Read More…

GTCF #13: Bryan Ware - Tech Entrepreneur and DHS Cyber Executive


Ron interviews Bryan Ware who started out his career as a commercial tech entrepreneur, served as a senior DHS cybersecurity executive and now runs Next5 - a technology-focused business intelligence and strategic advisory firm. We discuss all sorts of cybersecurity technologies, the latest in United States cyber policy, toast Chris Krebs and share some bourbon.
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