Instant Evaluations and Community Editions

Everyone likes free stuff and if you are in cyber, you like to test and play with different types of technology without having to speak with a sales team. It helps teach us new skills and identify new solutions for $DAYJOB. Many of the companies we’ve invested in offer free evaluations and community editions and we’ve listed them below.

Automox — cloud based patch management for Windows, OS X and Linux. They offer a free 15 day trial and an unlimited “visibility only” free forever program.

Cybrary — online cyber security training for free. If you don’t have an account on Cybrary, you are missing out on a great free resource.

Gravwell — high speed alternative to Splunk with fixed pricing, high performance and lower hardware costs. Gravwell offers a community edition at no cost with limits of 2gb/day.

HighSide — secure alternative to Slack and Office 365. A collaboration platform immune to phishing, spoofing and man in the middle SSL attacks.

NewEdge — zero trust access for your data center and cloud applications. Their elegant publisher and user to application model lets you scale to 1000s of users and applications. NewEdge offers a 30 day trial.

PIXM — endpoint based computer vision detection of phishing attacks. Most organizations filter corporate email, but don’t do anything for social media, Slack or personal email. Pixm offers a free community agent to identify phishing attacks by visually identifying hostile sites that look valid login pages to common banks, email and social media website.

Scythe — offers very realistic nation state adversarial emulations so you can see how fast your blue teams can find high quality and unique implants and stealthy command and control. Scythe offers a free 15 day trial.

SecondWrite — malware analytics platform which leverages a variety of proprietary analytics to cause evasive malware and malware with anti-analysis features to execute in a sandbox environment. SecondWrite offers their platform for free to up to 20 submissions per month.

ThreatCare — automated breach simulation lets you test the instrumentation of your cyber stack to increase the effectiveness of your blue team. They offer a free solution which performs breach and attack simulations.

ThreatConnect — offers threat intelligence and orchestration in one platform. They offer free accounts on their TC Open platform which supports open source threat data feeds and feedback from the large community of users on that platform.