December 2019 Podcasts


December was a busy month for podcasts! I was honored to speak a few times about cyber start ups as well as being a trifecta guest on the year-end Security Weekly extravaganza.

Capital M Podcast

This is a podcast from the
Maryland Tech Council and is hosted by their CEO, Marty Rosendale. Marty interviewed me for 30 minutes and we spoke about fundraising for cyber start ups and what we can do to encourage more entrepreneurship in the area. To listen to the podcast, follow this link and select the podcast titled "5 Things Every Investor Wants with Ron Gula".

CyberWire - Avoiding VC Pitfalls with Ron Gula and Mike Janke

CyberWire Special Edition Episode 40 featured Data Tribe CEO Mike Janke and Ron Gula. We spoke at length about easy things cyber start-up founders can do to avoid common pitfalls. 

Dreamit Live

Steve Barsh, Managing Partner at Dreamit Ventures, interviewed me for their Dreamit Live podcast. We spoke about five common mistakes every cyber startup makes. Much of the content I've posted is covered in this Gula Tech Adventures blog. We spoke about how the best cyber tech does not always win, strategies for raising capital and why founders should really think about what they want out of starting a company. To watch this podcast, follow this link.

Security Weekly

Each year, the team at
Security Weekly does a holiday, end of year, marathon of back to back episodes. I was very happy to join three this year - Blue Team Tactics, Security Versus Compliance and Security History - Lessons from the past. There is a lot of content they've published with many cyber industry experts! You can see all of their 2019 Christmas Roundtables here.