Cyber Security Industry Metrics for the Mid-Atlantic US Region

I wanted to share some statistics about the mid-Atlantic cyber security industry that were published in a recent joint study by the American University and Amplifier Advisors. The study was called, “ From Service to Product “ and it details in raw numbers the various types of cyber security companies in this region.

This type of data is important to understand quantitatively, what sort of cyber security companies are present in this region. I often hear people claim that this area is the “cyber silicon valley” or the “cyber capital of the world”. These numbers can help people put into perspective what is actually in the region. It is also useful for a variety of economic development discussions.

I’m also very happy the report differentiated between cyber “service” companies and cyber “product” companies. Both types of companies are important to the various cyber missions that are conducted from this region. I have a personal wish to see more product companies (like 
Tenable Network Security) grow in this region and make most of our investments at Gula Tech Adventures into companies in this region.

I encourage people to 
read the 16 page report and have included some highlights below:
  • 858 cyber security companies identified
  • 5.7% of companies are “product” companies (making that 48)
  • Two thirds of the companies are in Northern Virginia
  • 6% of companies are exclusively commercial, 29.5% do both and 66% is just government
  • The top four counties by number of cyber firms are Fairfax (306), Montgomery (149), Arlington (65) and Howard (53)

The paper did not cover it, but to get a sense how this region compares with other regions, consider that the 
CyberSecurity 500 List claims only 54 companies in this region (slightly more than the study concluded) and most likely “product” companies compared to 117 in Silicon Valley.

The authors and researchers of the paper are working on more follow-up studies and will be publishing them soon.